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Charleston rental properties in high demand rent for more money and they rent to better tenants. They also rent quickly, which means you save money on vacancy and you spend less time on marketing, showings, and screenings. 

So, how can you be sure your rental property is one that tenants are eager to pluck off the market? 

We’re taking a look at some of the details that renters in Charleston are looking for in their next rental home. Nothing here should surprise you, necessarily, but if you’re not already focused on these elements, now is the time to re-prioritize your leasing efforts. 

Tenants Want Upgrades and Updates 

Maintenance and repairs are no-brainers. You have to offer a well-maintained home, otherwise you won’t find qualified tenants who are willing to move into it. 

Your ideal renters want you to do more than simply make timely repairs, however. They want you to provide an attractive, comfortable home that’s modern and up to date. Kitchen appliances from the 1980s will not impress them. Wood paneling on the walls is likely to turn them away. 

Invest in some updates and improvements that will give your property a cozy, contemporary feel. New paint is always important before tenants move in. Evaluate the condition of your floors. Is it really worth making another carpet replacement, or should you upgrade to faux hardwoods or some other hard surface flooring? Put in better lighting and consider switching out those aging appliances for energy-efficient models. 

These are the details tenants are looking for, and while a major renovation likely is not necessary, some cosmetic improvements will help you attract and retain good tenants. 

Charleston Tenants want Convenience and Ease 

What kind of systems do you have in place to make life a little bit easier on your tenants? 

One detail that means a lot to most tenants is the ability to pay rent online. Very few residents will be interested in writing out checks and dropping them in the mail. They’ll want to set up automatic payments or easily transfer money from their account to yours when rent is due. A lot of tenants today don’t even own a checkbook. 

As property managers, we’re set up for this. We can provide online portals for tenants to pay rent, and it’s as easy as using a bank account, debit card, or even a credit card. As an independent landlord, you probably don’t have the software and technology we do, but there are plenty of online payment programs and apps that can be used to collect rent electronically. Tenants appreciate this convenience, and it also gives you the opportunity to keep a close eye on your income.

Online maintenance requests are also a big deal to tenants. They’ll want to put their needs in writing at any time and from the comfort of their own homes. Tenants are also looking for online lease signings, self-showing technology, and easy communication that’s often electronic and done via text or app.

Space for Pets in Charleston Rental Homes

Pet Friendly PropertyIs your rental property pet-friendly? It probably should be. More tenants own pets than ever before. With a lot of people continuing to work from home, they’re taking in dogs and cats in record numbers. Make sure you’re willing to consider pets, otherwise you’ll likely lose a lot of well-qualified renters. 

Tenants want a great location, a reasonable rental price, and a landlord who is responsive to their needs. Providing all of that as well as the details we’ve mentioned in this blog will ensure your Charleston rental property is competitive in any market. 

If you’d like some help attracting the best tenants, please contact us at Charleston Home Rentals.