How Landlords and Property Managers Can Improve Communication with Their Tenants - Article Banner

We are all communicating differently with each other than we were five or 10 years ago. Today’s tenants typically prefer to ask questions, receive information, and download resources electronically. There’s rarely a reason that you would need to speak face-to-face with your tenants. You don’t even need to call them on the phone, usually. 

Understanding your tenant’s preferred method of communication will improve your relationship and contribute to a better rental experience for everyone. 

Here are some of the ways that Charleston landlords and property managers can improve communication with their tenants. 

Set Some Communication Expectations with Tenants 

As you initially meet with your tenants, get an idea of how they want to communicate with you. This will help you set some expectations around how they’ll hear from you and how often they’ll hear from you. You can also talk about how they should reach you; whether you’d prefer a text or a phone call or an email. 

Always share correct and up to date contact information and remind your tenants to keep their information current with you.

Technology Allows for Real-Time Communication

With all of the tools and technology available to property managers and landlords today, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t be able to share information quickly and transparently with your tenants. You can send payment reminders and receipts when rent is due and paid. You can collect maintenance requests via email or text so you have a written record of when work was needed and completed. 

Investing in technology is important for good communication, and if you’re working with a Charleston property manager, you want to make sure you’re working with a company that uses excellent technology. 

Communication improves when you don’t have to play phone tag with your tenants or chase them down for a response. Set up a system for digital communication, especially if that’s what your residents prefer. 

Communication is Customer Service

Tenants should expect to get clear, consistent communication from you or your property manager. This is part of the customer service you’re providing. When a tenant cannot get in touch with their management team or their landlord doesn’t respond to a message, tenants quickly get frustrated. This can escalate quickly if there’s a maintenance emergency or a situation where a tenant cannot pay rent and is trying to let you know.  

Residents need to know that property managers and landlords will be accessible and available. Otherwise, they’ll lose trust and you won’t be able to retain them. 

Responsive Maintenance Communication

Plumbing ProblemTenant satisfaction is important, especially when it comes to maintenance. If they report a plumbing problem, contact your tenants after the plumber has finished the work. Ask if the problem was solved and if they were happy with the way the repair was handled. You need to know that it was a good experience. You also want to provide an opportunity to hear their feedback if something could have been handled better. 

This type of communication will improve your relationship with tenants.

Invest in good tenant communication and you’ll find you’re able to retain your best residents for longer and create a positive, pleasant, and profitable rental experience. If you’d like some help implementing some communication strategies, please contact us at Charleston Home Rentals.