Charleston Home Rentals (CHR) was founded in 2006 by Matt Manaker, but it was a partnership with the Azar family in 2009 that began to shape the company as we know it today. The Manakers and Azars had been friends for over 30 years when they joined forces, and this has proven to transfer a unique chemistry to our business of property management.

Our team is committed to providing the highest level of customer service to all of our clients, and we do so by fostering harmonious landlord-resident relationships in which everyone’s needs are met. All partners are very hands-on to ensure that they deliver on CHR’s Be Happy Renting promise. Oversight from our partners focuses on the aspects of property management that we deem most important…

  • Make it easy for interested property owners to get information
  • Conduct an analysis of a property’s rental value
  • Find a qualified resident as soon as possible
  • Make communication convenient for owners and residents alike
  • Respond quickly to questions and repair & maintenance concerns

How the Process Starts

 Matt Manaker, Partner, Business Development Matt Manaker, Partner, Business Development

Matt Manaker is personally responsible for communicating with owners interested in our approach to property management. The process always starts with an evaluation of a property’s rental value. Through a comparison of the hundreds of properties we currently manage, an accurate rental range can be provided. Interested property owners can request an analysis of their home’s rental value online or can simply reach out to Matt directly to get started.

Matt Manaker
843.795.0600 x210

Finding a Qualified Tenant Quickly

 Ben Azar, Partner, Leasing Ben Azar, Partner, Leasing

Once a rental value has been determined, Ben Azar’s goal is to help owners generate rental income as soon as possible. Ben oversees leasing and leverages technology to make it easy for renters to schedule a showing of a property and apply online. CHR guarantees an approved applicant in 30 days of the property being rent ready*, or we waive a month’s management fee for every 15 day period beyond that without an approved application.

*More details on “rent ready” available upon request.

Convenient Communication & Quick Response Times

Once a property is leased, the CHR team is equipped to communicate with both the owner and resident in a variety of convenient ways and respond in a timely fashion…

  • Our sophisticated phone system enables callers to connect with the right person quickly versus routing them through a frustrating automated process.
  • In addition to phone and email support, residents and property owners can make requests through our online portals which are easily accessible from our website.
  • The resident portal offers the ability to pay rent online, schedule an auto-draft, submit a work order and view important documents like their lease.
  • The owner portal provides data on every financial transaction including rent charges and receipts, owner payments and any maintenance expenses that may occur.
  • Owners also receive weekly reports of leasing activities.
  • We have even developed a handbook for residents and owners to address common questions. We are striving to proactively address various topics before they even become an issue.

 Josh Azar, Partner, Repairs & Maintenance Josh Azar, Partner, Repairs & Maintenance

When an issue does arise, Josh Azar is responsible for repairs and maintenance. Our team knows that a quick response is critical to keep the resident happy and to protect the owner’s property. In addition to online requests, we offer a 24/7 maintenance call center to facilitate this.

Our Qualified Team Delivers

CHR has been in business for 12 years and the partners have close to 35 years of experience in the industry. Even so, we are continually looking for ways to improve the renting experience for our owners and residents alike. For example, an industry standard is to have one staff member manage 60 homes. We have capped this at 40 homes to deliver the level of customer service that our owners and their residents deserve.

As you are considering local property management companies, be aware that you get what you pay for ultimately. Experience has shown that our team’s overall approach results in happy residents, long-term occupancy and limited vacancies.

Our philosophy is that all parties in a rental agreement should Be Happy Renting. We are confident in our ability to find a qualified resident for your property. Simply contact us today for a free no-obligation rental analysis to get the process started.