A rental property inspection, or an evaluation, is a good way to document the condition of your property and to make sure there isn’t any deferred maintenance that needs attention. Today, we’re talking about three important property evaluations, which should take place at move-in, move-out, and during the tenancy.

Property Management Charleston, SC: Move in Inspection

Prior to a tenant moving in, there needs to be an evaluation and a move in inspection to ensure that the property is ready for a tenant. It’s also the best way to document the condition of a property before you hand it over to your tenants. You want to make sure the entire home is cleaned from top to bottom. Pay attention to the floorboards, the ceiling fans, and have the carpets shampooed. The appliances and countertops should all be wiped down, and it should be ready for a tenant to move in. Outside, the yard should be landscaped nicely. Make sure the grass is cut, edged, and weeded.

Property Management Charleston, SC: Move out Inspection

The main purpose of the move out inspection is to check for property damage. You’ll document and compare the condition of the home at move out to the way it looked before your tenant moved in. Any of the repairs that are needed that go above normal wear and tear are the responsibility of the tenant, so we send an itemized deduction list to the renters explaining why we deducted from the security deposit. Always take pictures at both the move in and move out evaluations.

Property Management Charleston, SC: Periodic Inspections

Conducting evaluations during the course of a lease allows us to get into the property and make sure the lease is being upheld. We look for unwanted or unauthorized pets, and we make sure everyone living at the property on the lease. This is also a great opportunity for preventative maintenance. If we see anything that needs repairs or maintenance, we make those recommendations to the owners. This is part of what we do to make sure your asset is being protected.

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