When it comes to finding a family-friendly rental, safety is important, but it certainly isn’t the only deciding factor. Whether you are new to the area or just moving across town, here are a few other things that you may want to think about…

1. Location

Is your prospective rental close to your work place, grocery stores and schools? Verify school zones with the Charleston County School District, and check school report cards. You may want to practice your commute (to/from school and work). Some areas are more prone to congestion than others.

2. Laundry

Families produce a lot of laundry. Do you own your own units? If so, verify that your potential rental has connections, and measure to make sure that your machines will fit. If you do not have your own machine, look for properties that have one already in the unit or available for lease.

3. Storage

Does your prospective rental have adequate storage? Think outside of the bedroom closet. Coat closets, outdoor closets, garage space and/or attic space can make a rental much more comfortable for you and your family.

4. Indoor Space

You have probably already decided how many bedrooms your family needs, but consider space for company as well. Will extended family be visiting? If so, will they be staying with you? An extra bedroom or spare room that can double as office/guest space may be important.

5. Outdoor Space

Space to play is important if you have children. Look for rentals that have safe porches, balconies or yards. If the rental has limited outdoor space, explore the neighborhood for playgrounds and parks.

6. Safety and Security

Before you sign a lease, introduce yourself to the neighbors. Make sure they are the type of people you want to be living around long-term. Check windows and stairs as well. Narrow, hardwood stairways can be a hazard for small children. Windows without a locking mechanism can also be dangerous.

7. Other Logistics

Do you have small children? Lugging strollers up and down stairs isn’t ideal. Look for ground level units (or at least a ground level entry). For condos, verify that an elevator is available and in good working order.

Be Happy Renting

If you are searching for a family-friendly rental in the Charleston area, please contact us to learn more about desirable neighborhoods and available listings.